Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

For many homes with a humid, warm climate, air conditioning can consume electricity more than any other thing. According to certain estimates, air conditioning contributes to almost 70% of an electricity bill during the summer months. However, there are some effective ways to reduce the air conditioning load on energy and money by changing certain habits. In fact, avoiding some of the biggest air conditioning mistakes that people make, one can save a considerable amount of energy consumption, reducing electricity bills at the same time. Discussed herewith are the most common air conditioning mistakes to avoid.It is important to understand that bigger is not always better. While most people show a keen interest to buy a bigger air conditioner thinking it will cool the home faster, it actually cannot generate uniform temperature and often, reduces humidity.

Besides consuming more energy, it may also not run efficiently due to quick on and off cycling. As per the location if you are going to place your conditioner in Hawthorn, you need to take help from Hawthorn air conditioning expert to evaluate the exact requirement for sufficient cooling.Hiding the A.C Often, people tend to hide their air conditioners, failing to realize that this only hinders ventilation, clogging the condenser coils and making the A.C run inefficiently.Installing the A.C in a hot place It might seem convenient to you to install your air conditioner in a more unused area like the southwest corner of the house. However, hiding away your A.C only makes it to work harder. Rather, place it in shady area where it will not receive much direct sunlight.

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